Our Business


English Language Texts

Kirihara Shoten is an officially certified course book publisher for English Language Teaching with key titles PRO-VISION and World Trek digitally available on IOS devices.

Japanese Language Texts

Kirihara Shoten is an officially certified course book publisher for Japanese Language Teaching, with key titles such as Tankyu and Kokugo Sogo.


English Language Texts

Our ELT supplementary materials focus on grammar, test prep, vocabulary and listening, and include Forest and Next Stage, which sell over 500,000 copies yearly.

Japanese Language Texts

Our JLT supplementary materials focus on contemporary Japanese language and classics. Problem exercises and listening texts which include Tankyu and Kokugo Sogo sell over 1 million copies yearly.

Short Essay

We offer expertise in the area of writing short essays to help students enter the university of their choice, with more than 230,000 high school students taking our practice tests annually.

Test Maker

A software-based online test-making system that allows teachers to easily develop tests based on our books.

Forest of Kirihara: Free student app

This free interactive app lets students explore and study our supplementary textbook contents at their own pace. Available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows.

KIRIHARA Global Academy

Kirihara Shoten offers a three-phase (Japan, Philippine and Global) 1-2 week intensive study abroad program in Cebu in the Philippines to give students a solid foundation in terms of motivation and the crucial skills needed to increase their English ability through accurate assessment before and after taking TOEIC tests. The objective of this program is to increase TOEIC scores, to become accustomed to taking the tests, to gain effective learning techniques, and to improve English conversation level in both casual and business settings.