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12114351925258451 The lecturer believes that preparing a script is most essential.2 The lecturer emphasizes removing fillers the most.3 The lecturer states that body language is the most important thing.4 The lecturer suggests that people memorize the Dos and Don’ts.126127161 on the worksheet. – 1 Just pause if you need to think.2 Memorize your script perfectly.3 Refer to what you show on the screen.4 Use filler words frequently. on the worksheet. ( ) 3 ( ) 4 ( ) 5p.58NEWS 1New Tokyo Town is sometimes described as “the future of Japan” because of its large foreign communities. The population of this small town is about 50,000 and about 20 percent of them are people from abroad. Most of them work for factories in the town. The foreign communities in this town began to form in the 1990s, when Japan was short of workers. As it was difficult to share common rules and manners, problems sometimes occurred between foreign residents and Japanese residents. One of the main causes was the language barrier. The town has been trying to overcome this barrier in various ways. For example, they started to provide necessary information for disaster prevention and garbage separation in several languages. They also set up Japanese language classes at elementary and junior high schools in the town. A support desk for foreign residents was started, too. Through these efforts, New Tokyo Town is becoming a more comfortable place for both Japanese and foreign residents.NEWS 2In recent years, the importance of diversity has been widely recognized. In a workplace, it is considered better to have people of different genders, ages, nationalities, and abilities. This is believed to offer some advantages.One of the advantages is that it allows for a diversity of perspectives. In a diverse workplace, employees are exposed to a variety of viewpoints. When these different viewpoints are combined, it can lead to innovation. In addition, if employees have different backgrounds, they will be more likely to have a range of different skills and experiences. This can be very helpful in business strategies. However, some factors prevent companies from accepting diversity. One of them is the difficulty of having clear communication among employees due to language problems. Differences in race, religion, culture, values, and customs can also be barriers. If the cost is too high to overcome these problems, companies will be reluctant to promote diversity.( ) ( )( )(163 words)(153 words)WORKSHEETFirst of all, you are NOT alone; most people don’t like public speaking.○ Body LanguageWhat I will cover today: ● gesture● ● eye contactIn order to remember the content:Dos2When you don’t know what to say:eaten, cotton, certain101015152025SceneListeningQ You are attending a workshop for people who want to improve their public speaking skills. You will listen to a lecture while looking at the worksheet below.Pre-ListeningPredict what the lecturer of the workshop will say about the key points to improve public speaking skills. Work in pairs and share your ideas.importantインポー   ントゥt + アクセントのない母音 + n ⇒ t とアクセントのない母音の部分は,はっきりとは発音されず間が空いたようになることがある.他の例1: Strongly Agree2: Agree3: Partly Agree4: Partly Disagree5: Disagree6: Strongly DisagreeQuestions1. Choose the best one for 2. Choose the best one for 3. To describe the lecturer’s position, which of the following is the most appropriate?Key Question for the Next ScenesDo you agree with the idea below?"When we speak in front of others, we should remove all fillers."Share your position and reasons with your classmates.○ Dos and Don’ts for SpeakingTip for Listening聞こえづらくなる音スクリプト(巻末掲載)特長特長→ p.182: New Words 英英語義1 facial expression2 movement3 nod4 smileDon’ts【共通テスト新形式にも対応!】 このレッスンのように、関連する2つの音声を聞き、それらの内容を統合・整理するパターンも用意しました。これは、大学入試センターが公表した共通テスト試作問題(2025年からの新形式)と類似したパターンとなっています。 ●❶●❸●❶ Pre-Listening 音声を聞く前に、状況設定や図表、問題文を手がかりに話の内容を予測します。共通テスト本番でも使えるテクニックを学ぶとともに、音声を聞いた際に予測とのズレを認識することで、気づきを得られます。●●❷ Questions 共通テスト第5・6問と同様、図表を見たりメモを取ったりしながら、長めの会話やモノローグを聞き、選択問題に答えます。 ●❷●❹後続する長文(カタログp.4参照)と内容が密接につながっているため、 LRの2技能統合で、入試頻出トピックの理解を深めることができます!設問の先読みで内容を推測させたり、発音を分析的に教えたりすることが、 紙面の流れに沿うだけでスムーズにできます!リスニングの“技法”を 教えやすい紙面構成リスニング力を盤石にする全課の冒頭に、共通テスト形式の リスニング問題を掲載

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