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Astronaut Online video creator 1 They only work to help IPC in certain countries in Europe.2 Experts look into materials collected across the world.3 Only those with a deep understanding of insects can help IPC.4 Photographers organize welcome trips for membership holders. New Year Promotion: all new members who join before February will receive a free photobook.You can get a $5 discount from the second year of your membership.If you can help us by becoming a photographer, you can apply for Butterfly membership at half the price.彩りComments〟をKenI love croissants. Thanks to those stories, I think I’ll enjoy them even more than before.!EmiI totally agree. I think there is another croissant story related to ancient Greece. But I can only remember some bits of it. Could anyone who is familiar with the story tell us about it?Koji The ancient Greeks used to make bread in the shape of a whole bull to replace sacrifices of real bulls. As time passed, this was reduced to a pair of horns, which would be offered to the moon goddess. I find this kind of story so fascinating: it’ll make children interested in what’s behind the things they see around them, regardless of whether it is true or not.Jane I didn’t know that story, but it’s interesting. Certainly, stories have the power to attract children’s interest. However, we need to make sure that children do not think that all legends are true. I think we should distinguish between fact and fiction, and then we can enjoy the stories.1 To ask the doctors and nurses questions about her homework.2 To get a weekend job there taking care of animals.3 To learn the skills she must have to become a doctor.4 To see how animal hospital workers do their jobs. も〝年度に関わらず出題確率の高い形式の設問を、1予備校の先生方が作成!カラフルな紙面と内容の面白さで、共通テスト対策にB5554652B5To take pictures of all the earth’s beautiful insects: that’s the goal of the Insect Photography Club (IPC). Our team is working hard to gather photos across the globe, allowing you to explore the world’s wonderful insects from your home!Our success depends on the efforts of the following groups of people: PhotographersWorking together from all over the world, our photographers take photos of insects they discover and upload them to our website. They frequently organize trips to take pictures of less explored areas through our message boards. ExpertsThese specialists work at our offices in several European countries to decide which insects will appear in each photograph. We’re pleased to announce that IPC has discovered fourteen new types of insects so far! Join us to further explore the fantastic world of insects. We offer three different levels of membership:Daily NewsCareer Goals of Children around the WorldThis year, questionnaires by toy companies once again revealed the preferred careers of children around the globe. The trends in their responses reflect the concerns of our adult world, providing a fascinating insight into the influences shaping our society.44One survey presented children with five jobs—including teacher, musician, and professional athlete—and asked them to rank the three they’d most like to do. There were major differences among countries when it came to the top spot. In China, the most popular choice was astronaut, selected by over 50% of all Chinese children. However, children in the US and UK were most likely to choose becoming an online video creator as their goal. This may be a result of the varying focuses on areas such as scientific knowledge and creativity in the three countries’ school curriculums.It’s still largely unclear what drives children’s choices about their future work. There have been suggestions that children who have experienced illness feel drawn toward medical professions, and that economic uncertainty leads them About a decade after the opening of Zang’s bakery, references to the croissant to consider business careers, but there is still a lack of research on this began to appear in the French press. Croissants were described as “breads of phenomenon. fantasy and luxury.”Zang had a great influence on French baking. In addition to foods from Children’s Top Ranked Professions By CountryAustria, he introduced a new type of oven which used steam. The technique of steam baking made his products unique in France, and his bakery’s reputation quickly spread. Yet Zang’s influential role in French baking is hardly recognized today. CountryWhy? It is probably because he became more famous for his newspaper. In 1848, Zang returned to Vienna and founded Die Presse. His involvement in the bakery business was a brief stop on the road to his life’s true success.40%What you can getReceive postcardsView part of the website (photo library)Receive free magazinesJoin IPC partiesView the entire website (photo and video libraries)Join lectures given by scientistsUKUSChina0%20%Percentage of votessource: 2019 online survey by Harris Poll/LEGOMembership optionsFirefly($25.00)Dragonfly($36.00)Butterfly($42.00)60%As you can see, interesting stories surround the origins of the croissant. Whatever its true origins, few can resist the appeal of a croissant and a cup of café au lait for breakfast.3540105015552060253010101515202520203010351540451015202530ReadingAYou are interested in taking pictures of insects, and you found the following website. Read the notice below and choose the best answer to each question.Insect Photography ClubReadingAYou are doing research on the careers children want to have when they grow up. You found two articles below on a website. Read them and choose the best answer to each question.Two people are chatting online. Read the conversation below and choose the best answer to each question.You are looking at a movie review site. Read it and choose the best answer to each question.1. Why does Alisha want to visit Sunny Hill Animal Hospital? 2. Why does Judy ask Alisha for her phone number?1 To give Alisha information about animal care. 2 To let Alisha know if she can visit or not. 3 To tell Alisha if they have found her pet. 4 To introduce Alisha to someone who can help. did watch all of the trailers, you would be surprised at the twist ending.Galaxy Wars (2024)Running Time: 136 min. | Action & Adventure | July 9, 2024 (USA)STORYLINE:Charlotte and the Candy Factory (2024)Running Time: 115 min. | Kids & Family, Fantasy | July 21, 2024 (UK)STORYLINE:Real Life English( )( )( )Hello! My name is Alisha, and I’m a student. May I ask you a question?I’d like to visit your hospital this weekend. Would that be OK?4572AlishaBrownAlishaBrownAlishaBrownAlishaBrown1. Which of the following statements is true about the people helping IPC?2. If you are a Dragonfly member, you can .3. After being a membership holder for one year, you can .Real Life English11 pay less for your membership2 become a Butterfly member for $213 receive a photobook for free4 start to work for IPC as a photographer Judy MillerJudy MillerJudy MillerLook at the table on page 44 and write sentences to explain the differences among the three different levels of membership. Judy MillerReal Life EnglishMOVIEVIEWS.COMREVIEW: An Incredible Movie, Far Beyond Expectations 46Could've Been Better REVIEW:Worth seeing if you have time Better than average 1 get postcards and watch video clips on the website2 view the photo library and go to talks given by scientists3 receive video messages and hear lectures about insects4 get magazines for free and go to parties held by IPC Hi, Alisha. I’m Judy, a nurse at Sunny Hill Animal Hospital. Please go ahead.Does your pet need treatment?Well… I don’t have a pet. But I’d really like to learn more about working with animals. I want to watch the doctors and nurses to find out about their different jobs.Oh, I see now! I don’t know if we can let people do that–we don’t usually get visits from people who don’t have pets. I’ll ask the doctor tomorrow if you can come, Writingand I’ll let you know. Could you give me your phone number?Thank you so much. My phone number is 542-609-4073.OK. No problem. Bye for now.A young boy sets out on an adventure with an old knight named Obi-Yun Kinobi as his teacher to save Princess Seeya from the evil Dirk Raider and destroy the Killer Planet built by the Empire which has the power to destroy the entire galaxy.Billy Bonka gets the idea to let five children into his candy factory. He puts five golden tickets in five separate candy bars among millions of them. The fifth ticket goes to a very special girl, named Charlotte. She joins the rest of the children to experience the most amazing factory ever.cool in its own way. All the actors did a good job in portraying their characters. musicals, you might enjoy it. If you don’t, you might be bored.By G. Lucius July 10, 2024This movie had me on the edge of my seat right from the beginning. Even if you By J.J. July 11, 2024The acting was OK, but the story is where it went wrong. The movie was kind of boring until Obi-Yun showed up, and his sarcastic remarks were funny. After Obi-Yun dies, the movie dies with him.By T. Burt July 22, 2024This movie was better than I expected. Not only was it funny, but it was also very By J. D. July 25, 2024The songs are catchy, and I liked what happened to the bad kids. If you like ( )( )→ p.173: New Words 英英語義→ p.179: New Words 英英語義Real Life English1239645通常レッスン(前述)でリーディング第5・6問に対応したほか、第1〜4問の対策に特化した特別レッスンを4つ用意しました。 生徒用無料アプリで WPM測定が瞬時にWPMの算出をするために、面倒な計算はもう必要ありません。無料アプリの『TIME-PRACTICE』には、教科書のレッスンごとの語数がプリセットされているため、読1. Which movie does the statement below refer to? Write “1” for Galaxy Wars, “2” for Charlotte and the Candy Factory, “3” for neither.み始めと読み終わりにボタンをタッ1 Probably there are few action scenes. ( )2 It runs for over two hours. ( )プするだけで、瞬時にWPMが表3 The acting seems to be boring. ( )4 There are two opposing opinions about the movie. ( )示されます。結果を記録し、その5The music in the movie seems to be good. ( )推移をグラフで表示することができるのも特長です。 共通テスト対策も万全

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