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)❷Write a summary by selecting information from above.1 can be achieved in a short time if they have natural talent2 depends more on their family background than on their own efforts3 is often achieved not by living for the moment but by working hard every day4 comes at the end of a different path than the pursuit of the five C’s 1 describe the welfare system of each country so that people can be happy2 discuss the rights and duties of a citizen to be happy in each country3 pick out a citizen from each country to illustrate happiness4 state the government of each country has guaranteed people’s happiness 126 ))))51 2 3 Alejandro Zuniga   ● sells vegetables at a market   ● doesn’t have a car and expensive belongings   ● lives daily life to the fullest = (4 Costa Rica   ● puts an end to the ( 設問正解数 ( ) Qs 10 Qs×60×= ( ) wpm have nothing to do with his happiness or sense of () happiness or positive affect) and provides universal () with other families) rates) () car and an expensive house) ) care) ) () pursuits   people can make a living and feel (1 2 4 Sidse Clemmensen   ● a sociologist   ● lives in a co-housing (  ● believes true happiness comes from a life of (2 3 4 Denmark   ● provides the right to health care, education, and a financial (   ● charges high (  ● allows people to set aside time for self-fulfillment  ● has evolved to make people live an interesting life1 2 Douglas Foo   ● a successful entrepreneur  ● has a (  ● works about 60 hours a week for his business and (  ● thinks happiness comes from life (2 3 Singapore   ● success lies at the end of well-defined (  ● talent and performance are rewarded  ● happiness comes at the expense of daily (Regarding Passage C5. According to paragraph 1, which is NOT true about Mr. Foo? ( )6. According to paragraph 2, measured happiness is named              .7. According to paragraph 3, success for Singaporeans . Regarding Passages A‒C8. All three passages . 9. The three passages imply that . 10. The purpose of the three passages is to . 1 He graduated from university by working part-time.2 He is respected not only by his employees but also by his community.3 He lives in an expensive house with his wife and four children.4 He works fewer weekly hours than the average Singaporean. 1 Costa Rica and Denmark give medical care for free to sick people2 people in Costa Rica and Denmark pay a lot of money as tax3 people in Denmark and Singapore spend the same amount of time on work4 there are more happy people in Singapore than in Denmark 1 illustrate happy people who have different ideas 2 introduce different ideas about happiness 3 introduce different social systems of the world4 show three people who have different lifestyles 786 words ( ) seconds読むのにかかった秒数120 wpm 150 wpmPassageBPassageC8990Summarizing❶Complete the outline by writing a word in each blank.PassageA( )( ) ( )( )393 seconds314 seconds特長特長通常のWPMに問題の正解率をかけ合わせ、「実質的な」WPMを算出します。 ●❺ Reading Speed Tracker ●❻ Summarizing 空所補充で要点を整理してから、サマリーライティングに取り組みます。 ●❻●❺キーワードの事前インプット、ディスコースマーカー・論理構造などの確認、 問題演習、要点整理、サマリーライティングまで全部できます!入試の作問経験がある大学の先生方、受験指導の経験豊富な高校の先生方、 そして予備校の先生方の総力を結集して作り込みました!とにかく豊富な設問は、 信頼と実績の桐原クオリティ仕掛け&入試形式の設問 Step by Stepで 生徒が無理なく取り組める構成

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