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5 Hannah: Hi, Josh. What are you drinking? 5 Hannah: You also get protein from regular foods, don’t you? Hannah: Oh, but they are all animal protein. It’s better to eat a combination of animal Hannah: Yes, I don’t eat meat, but I eat a lot of fish, tofu, beans, and yogurt to get my Hannah: Umm . . . . That’s not good for the environment. It takes a lot of resources to Hannah: You really want to get your protein from animals, don’t you?Josh: Hi, Hannah. It’s a protein supplement. I want to build muscle.Josh: Of course, I eat a lot of beef, chicken, eggs, and cheese.protein and plant protein. That way, you can absorb the protein more efficiently.Josh: Is that so? Do you get your protein from a variety of foods?protein. By the way, I heard the supply of protein will not be enough to feed the world’s population in the future.Josh: Really? Why don’t we produce more meat to increase the protein supply? raise beef cattle. I think we should get more protein from plant sources such as beans, grains, and nuts instead of eating more meat.Josh: I think we should eat more fish. But if we catch too many fish in the oceans, the number of fish will decrease, so we should increase fish farming.(210 words)Scene 1: Listening(p.20)のスクリプトを掲載しています。 共通テストリスニング第5・6問と同様の長さです。 ※スクリプトを印刷・配布する手間をかけずに、聞き取れなかった箇所に線を引かせたり、音声変化についてメモを書き込ませたりと、授業中の活動バリエーションを増やせます。 29p.741621015教科書巻末

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