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1 meat2 seafoodAfter reading the article, you will talk about future protein sources to exchange 3 beansideas with others.4 dairy products Interaction❶Look over the following conversation flow. Then role-play in pairs.1 It’s not a good idea to depend only on meat for protein.2 We should get only animal protein to absorb protein efficiently.3 It is a good idea to eat less meat and eat more fish.4 We should stop eating meat and try to become vegetarians. (Answer) *1How about you?1 It’s not good for the environment to produce more meat.2 We should have more fish catches at sea to increase the protein supply.3 We should get protein from a variety of foods.4 We should farm more fish to meet the demand for protein. What kinds of foods do you often eat to get protein?Which would you try eating: plant-based meat, lab-grown meat, or insects?What will be a future source of protein?758127 as a source of protein.( ) ( )Scene 2と話がつながっています。 Which would you try eating?What do you think is the best choice?※共通テストリスニング第6問と同様の長さの対話文になっており、論理的なやり取りのパターンに慣れることができます。 モデルとなる会話は、ページ上部のQRコードから聞くことができます。 上で会話した内容を基に、状況設定に則って発表をします。 すぐ左のページからキーワードを拾うこともできます。 相手の質問に答える(Answer)だけでなく、情報を付け加える(Add)ことが求められます。 民間試験で求められる2分程度のスピーチをするためのヒントを示しました。 準備をしてから、 やり取りをします。 学んだ知識・表現を活用して、セリフの一部を考えます。 内容を参照しましょう.Key Question for the Next ScenesSceneQ What do you think is the best protein source for the future?❷Listen to the model conversation and learn the expressions. Then role-play in different pairs.Imagine you are talking about future protein sources in your home economics class. The teacher asks you, “What do you think is the best protein source for the future?” Express your opinion.話の構成例:①意見 ②理由 ③具体例や説明 ④まとめQuestions3Share your opinion and reasons with your classmates.(Answer)(Add)Production(Answer)(Answer)(Add)55 → p.154: コミュニケーションスキル*1 必要に応じて Scene 1: Listening ( )のScript(p.162)を参照しましょう.*2 必要に応じて Scene 2: Readingの(Answer) *2(Add)(Answer)(Add)Speaking1. Both Hannah and Josh often eat 2. To describe Anna’s opinion, which of the following is the most appropriate? 3. To describe Leo’s opinion, which of the following is the most appropriate?

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