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・the world’s (attention) is increasing・meat (attention) is increasing● find (attention) protein sources to meat > rely only on (attention) ● consists of a (attention) of all the above Question Can we meet global protein (attention) before a protein crisis 5 6 The future of meatIntroductionplant-based burgerlab-grown meatrice crackers made from powdered cricketsExamples of alternative protein sourcesplant proteinプランプロウティン(attention) meat (attention) meat insectsType occurs?Hannah・eco-friendly・taste, texture, and (attention) content can be ・no (attention) are slaughtered・no need to kill (attention) ・no risk of harmful (attention) ・smaller (attention) footprint・traditionally consumed・highly (attention) ・little impact on the (attention) good for, get protein(attention) crisisAdvantagesadjusted2 How to solve the problem4 NOTE3 4 5 Examples of protein sourcesBodyThe food they often eat3 How to address the lack of protein supplyConclusion要約文を書くため、まずは空所補充形式でアウトラインを作ります。共通テストリーディング第5・6問で出題される、英文の要点をポスターなどにまとめる形式に慣れることができます。 802674情報の取捨選択をして、要約文を日本語または英語で書きます。 く,息を止める感じになることが多い.他の例SummarizingScene1❶Complete the outline by writing a word in each blank.❷Write a summary by selecting information from above.Hannah and Josh are talking about protein sources. You will listen to their conversation and take notes in the table below.Pre-ListeningPredict what kinds of protein sources they are talking about. Work in pairs and share your ideas.→ p.176: New Words 英英語義JoshTip for Listening聞こえづらくなる音破裂音で終わる語+子音で始まる語⇒破裂音(/d//k//t/など)は聞こえづらくなるが,完全に無くなるわけではなListening1 Worldwide problem

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