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1 alternative protein sources will totally replace real meat soon 2 lab-grown meat will look like real meat in 50 years3 we should move faster so that a protein crisis can be avoided 4 a limited number of people will be able to eat science-driven food 設問正解数 ( ) Qs 10 Qs= ( ) wpmbecause .1 there are a large number of insects in the world 1 meat2 insects are much more nutritious than animal meat 2 seafood3 eating insects increases the burden on the environment 3 beans4 insects have been eaten in many parts of the world 4 dairy products 8. In paragraph 5, what does the word “that” (l.42) refer to?                     1 It’s not a good idea to depend only on meat for protein.9. In paragraph 5, what does “appetizing forms” (l.44) mean? Find two examples and 2 We should get only animal protein to absorb protein efficiently.write them down. 3 It is a good idea to eat less meat and eat more fish.         4 We should stop eating meat and try to become vegetarians. 10. The expert on plant-based meat thinks that . 1 It’s not good for the environment to produce more meat. 2 We should have more fish catches at sea to increase the protein supply. 3 We should get protein from a variety of foods. 4 We should farm more fish to meet the demand for protein. as a source of protein.( ) ( ) ( )346 seconds277 seconds ( ) ( )※全レッスン共通で、四択問題を8題と短答式問題を2題用意しました。難問・奇問は避け、パラグラフごとに要点や詳細を問う形式を基本としているため、順を追って内容を理解させる際の手助けになります。 特に英語が苦手な生徒の場合、1つのパラグラフを読むごとに該当する設問に取り組んで答え合わせをすることを繰り返せば、無理なく長文を読み進めていくことができます。 通常のwpmに設問の正解率をかけ合わせ、 実質的なwpmを算出・記録するための コーナーを設けました。本文を速読の素材と して通し読みする場合に、ご活用ください。 共通テストなどで求められる、最低限の読解スピード(120 wpm)や理想的な読解スピード(150 wpm)を達成するために、このレッスンの長文を何秒で読む必要があるか 示しました。設問に全問正解する前提での数値となります。 120 wpm 150 wpm75レッスンごとのwpmを、教科書巻末のReading Speed Trackerに記録すると、折れ線グラフで成長を可視化できます。 7925 692 words ( ) seconds読むのにかかった秒数×60×7. According to paragraph 5, FAO recommended insects as an alternative protein source QuestionsKey Question for the Next Scenes1. Both Hannah and Josh often eat 2. To describe Anna’s opinion, which of the following is the most appropriate? 3. To describe Leo’s opinion, which of the following is the most appropriate? Q What do you think is the best protein source for the future?Share your opinion and reasons with your classmates.55

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