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45757723ethical reasons can enjoy it too.Questions 4 Another exciting possibility is meat grown by scientists in the lab. In 2013, Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University created the world’s first lab-grown hamburger. The 1 meatpeople who sampled it thought it looked and tasted virtually like the real thing. Lab-2 seafoodgrown meat is produced by extracting some cells from a cow or pig and growing them in 3 beansthe lab. In a few weeks these cells develop into a thick piece of meat consisting of muscle 4 dairy products fiber and fat. This is then formed into patties or nuggets. Lab-grown meat has several advantages. There is no need to kill animals. There is also no risk of harmful bacteria 1 It’s not a good idea to depend only on meat for protein.getting into the meat, since it’s grown in very clean conditions. Moreover, it has a much 2 We should get only animal protein to absorb protein efficiently.smaller environmental footprint than conventional meat. The problem is the cost. 3 It is a good idea to eat less meat and eat more fish.Professor Post’s first lab-grown hamburger cost 35 million yen to produce in 2013. Today 4 We should stop eating meat and try to become vegetarians. that’s dropped to 1,200 yen per burger and scientists are making every effort to lower it. 5 Another meat alternative in the spotlight these days is insects. In 2013, the United 1 It’s not good for the environment to produce more meat.Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommended insects as an 2 We should have more fish catches at sea to increase the protein supply.alternative protein source, for several reasons. First, more than 1,900 insect species are 3 We should get protein from a variety of foods.traditionally consumed worldwide—including in Japan, where locusts and wasp larvae 4 We should farm more fish to meet the demand for protein. are customarily eaten in some local areas. Second, many insects are rich in protein and minerals, and so they’re highly nutritious. Lastly, eating insects has little impact on the environment. The amount of food required to produce one kilogram of cricket meat, for example, is just a tenth of that required to produce a kilogram of beef. Many people feel disgusted about eating insects, but recently insect-based foods have started appearing in more appetizing forms. One Japanese company, for instance, now sells insect-based Key Question for the Next Scenessnacks, such as crackers and cookies made from powdered crickets. 6 Real meat is unlikely to be completely replaced any time soon. The meat we eat in the Q What do you think is the best protein source for the future?future will probably consist of a combination of all the above. One expert on plant-based meat says, “50 years from now, the science-driven food will taste better and be cheaper than the animal-derived food. We’re starting to move in the right direction, but the question is, are we moving fast enough? Can we establish a way to meet global protein demand in a sustainable manner before a protein crisis occurs?” (692 words) as a source of protein.( ) ( ) ( )※英文は速読もしやすい様に、なるべく見開きで収めるようにしました。「Ⅰ」「Ⅱ」の教科書と同じレイアウト(新語や英問英答あり)のワークシートも別途提供いたします(p.31参照)。 教科書巻頭の「Reading & Writing Strategy」で学習した方略を、実際に活用することを ねらいとしたタスクです。指示文を日本語表記とし、生徒が取り組みやすいよう配慮しました。 Reading Strategy1. パラグラフ   で筆者の意見を述べている文に下線を引きましょう.(→ p.20)2. alternative protein sourcesの例を述べているパラグラフの番号に○をつけましょう.(→ p.10)3. パラグラフ     にある例示・列挙のディスコースマーカーをすべて四角で囲みましょう.(→ p.16)40404545505055 21. Both Hannah and Josh often eat 2525 2. To describe Anna’s opinion, which of the following is the most appropriate?3030 3. To describe Leo’s opinion, which of the following is the most appropriate?3535 Share your opinion and reasons with your classmates.

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