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B1. 1 The speaker has bought a ticket. 2 The speaker is leaving London. 3 The speaker is thinking about buying a ticket. 4 The speaker will not get on the next train. 2 The speaker wants to look inside a hotel on Palm Island. 3 The speaker wants to stay at a hotel on Palm Island again. 4 The speaker wants to work at a hotel on Palm Island. 1131324243DB1. The purpose of this interview is .2. Which of the following statements is true of Central Bites?A33%B28%C9%3. What is true about the four cafés’ most popular sandwiches?1 One café allows customers to make their own sandwiches.2 Two cafés add traditional spice mixes to their sandwiches.3 Three cafés only mention sandwiches containing meat.4 None of the cafés serve their sandwiches with side dishes. Listen to the sentences and choose the one that best matches the situation in each sentence.2. 1 The speaker wants to find a hotel on Palm Island.3. 1 Becky decorated a cake for her friend’s birthday. 2 Becky will have her birthday cake tomorrow. 3 Sarah is going to put some fruit on a cake tomorrow. 4 Sarah will start to make a birthday cake today. 4. 1 The students will borrow more books from the library. 2 The students lent the other students some books. 3 The students returned some books to the library. 4 The students have to return the books borrowed from the library. Describe the pictures in Q1 and Q2 on page 42.1. Make pairs. One person chooses one picture in Q1 and describes it. The other person guesses which picture is described.モノローグや対話(インタビュー)の聞き取り/グラフ入りの記事の読み取りListeningAYou are listening to a student news broadcast at a school in the U.S. Listen to the explanation about the graph below and choose the most appropriate answer to fill in the blanks from A to D.SpeakingYou are listening to a radio show. In this show, the personality is interviewing the staff of four different cafés. Listen to the interview and choose the best answer to each question.Which of the four sandwiches in Listening B would you like to eat? Work in pairs and share your ideas.Speaking2. Take turns. One person chooses one picture in Q2 and describes it. The other person guesses which picture is described.Second-Year Students’ Summer Plans5%Staying home25%1 Work experience program abroad2 Taking a trip abroad3 Work experience program within the U.S.4 Summer jobA ( ) B ( ) C ( ) D ( )944295( )( )( )( )43NOTE→ p.178: New Words 英英語義1 to encourage more restaurants to open in the town2 to research what the food culture in the town is like3 to select a popular meal to use in a promotion4 to let people know more about the four famous cafés it slowly.1 They cover the meat for their sandwiches with a secret mix of spices after roasting 2 Their most popular sandwich is unlikely to be available in the afternoon without an online reservation.3 A classic variety of sandwiches made with some sweet ingredients are served at 4 Understanding customers’ sandwich preferences has allowed them to develop a good reputation. ( )their café.( )( )Name of caféCentral BitesSantiago’sSandwich HeavenHossein’sFeatures of their sandwichesENGReal Life EnglishReal Life English設問のイラストを描写したり、聞き取った内容を基に考えや意見を述べるタスクも収録 イギリス英語・ アジア英語も収録 設問はすべて英語表記。一般的な模試(指示文が日本語)とは異なり、「英語を英語で教える」授業展開が可能 10短い発話の聞き取り/ウェブサイトやチャットの読み取りListeningAListen to the sentences and choose the picture that best matches the situation in each sentence.1. ( ) 2. ( ) 通常レッスン(前述)でリスニング第5・6問に対応したほか、第1〜4問の対策に特化した特別レッスンを4つ用意しました。 ハイスピード音声で 究極のトレーニングを教科書やWorkbookのリスニング問題には、ハイスピード版の音声もご用意しました(Workbookをご採択いただいた場合のみアクセス可)。機械的にスピードを変更したものではなく、ネイティブスピーカーが早口で読み上げているため、自然な音声変化となっているのが特長です。これを使ったOverlappingやShadowingを生徒に課すことで、「英語の耳」を鍛え上げることができます。 生徒用無料アプリで オフライン再生が可能に 教科書やWorkbookの音声はQRコードからもアクセスできますが、無料アプリの『Listening Practice』を使えば、インターネットのない環境でも再生が可能に。秒数を指定しての早送り/早戻しなどの機能も特長です。 共通テスト対策も万全

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